“Welcome to Tyrol, the world of WZRDS. An epic saga awaits those who seek adventure. Chapter 1 will commence soon. We welcome all to explore our world.”

Take part in the epic saga of WZRDS. The adventure begins final week of June. MINT: TODAY 29th, WL: 3pm ET, Public: 4pm ET

10,000 WZRDS will be minted
All will be free
Revealed upon mint

“Ages ago, brave explorers discovered and settled into mysterious lands, now known as teh kingdom of tyrol… as a village of farmers and gatherers, the townsfolk lived a humble life until one opportune morning, villagers Dompie and Leche discovered a magical tome on the seaside hill. Hence Dompi and Leche became the first WZRDS…”

Not much is known about the project except the fact that it’s free and coming from an incredibly polished team.  The hype around the free mint is unprecedented and we are expecting massive gas wars within the first 5 minutes of launch.

Check back after project launch for more information.






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