MetaTrekkers NFT is a collection of 2,500 randomly generated, unique PFPs developed by a doxed team with experience in the metaverse environment.

The MetaTrekkers NFTs offer the community a unique set of benefits and utility in the form of virtual real estate shares and voting rights over the MetaTrekkers Club DAO (Decentraland official Point of Interest + SandBox and Otherside parcels), metaverse onboarding services, access to exclusive virtual and live events, web3 professional development sessions, over $40k in giveaways, airdrops and Decentraland land, and unprecedented networking opportunities.

With a presence of more than a year on the Decentraland entertainment scene, MetaTrekkers is celebrating its NFT collection launch with the biggest DJ battle series in the metaverse, where both DJs and the holder community can win big crypto and NFT prizes.

Twitter: @MetaTrekkers

– From the very beginning, our idea was to offer an innovative alternative to the countless PFP collections, one where the focus is on long-term value, rather than a “quick buck”

How did you come up with the ideas?

 – Our project stands alone due to a long list of benefits & utility that transcend the frontier between metaverse and the real world. We’re talking about giving the holder community shares and voting rights in the MetaTrekkers Club (official Decentraland Point of Interest, SandBox and Otherside), access to exclusive events in the metaverse and real world, exclusive airdrops, crypto giveaways and unprecedented networking opportunities with metaverse, blockchain and web3 celebrities, influencers and professionals.
What Makes this project unique?

How Big is the team and what are their roles?

– We’ve got a doxed team of advertising and communication professionals, 3D designers, blockchain coders and metaverse specialists with decades of combined experience between them.

Why is that price fair?

– Putting into balance the benefits, utility, the fact that we’re using revenue from the NFT sales to further develop the community and the future plans we have for the MetaTrekkers project, the minting price of our NFTs is under the usual market price for its category

Are there any mechanics we should know about?

– Since we’ve established our presence in Decentraland, we’ve developed and implemented so many community-centric initiatives that the easiest way to be up-to-date is to access our whitepaper and read all the details.


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