Story Games is a free-to-play, choose your own adventure style game that will  feature hidden object scenes, match-3, and time management challenges that  the player needs to complete in order to pass through the stories. The Story Games  app will feature a variety of different stories from different writers of different  backgrounds and interests, each with a unique tale to tell.  

The first story that we are releasing in beta is “Immortalized,” and it is already  available in app stores today! When we release our first NFT collection this  summer, Immortalized will become the first hidden object game with NFT Utility,  including the option to make your Immortalized NFT as your avatar in the game,  and reap important extra daily login rewards!  

Upcoming features will include further stories, match-3, tournaments, clans and  player vs player battles. Each story that we release will be correlated with its own  NFT collection of 2,500 characters, with the following collection of 2500 further  NFTs released upon proof of satisfying the previous promises in the roadmap.  These collections will be released as each story is completed, for a grand total of  15,000 NFTs. Each following collection will only be released after the road map  goals for the previous collection have been reached. Market conditions and  demand will also be considered before releasing each collection.  

The Story Games team is hands-on, flexible and passionate with more than 20  team members in total, including game designers, project and community  managers, programmers, art director, graphic designers, special effects  specialist, writers, researchers and editor.  

NFTs are not being used as a “kickstarter” for this project, instead they are being  used to compliment and improve what is already a great game!

How did you come up with the ideas? 

Ole, the CEO of Immortal Games, the company behind Story Games, has a history working as an entrepreneur in the gaming industry, and enjoys playing hidden object games on mobile with his son. That inspired him to make his own game in that genre, and the project took on a life of its own as he brought on other writers, artists and designers. I have been in the crypto space for many years, and the NFT space since late 2020, and as I started to get more interested in NFTs, I realized that the game I was writing with Ole would be perfect for NFT utility. 

What Makes this project unique? 

We think we have something special here because we already have a game that people can try out before they buy the NFT. 

How Big is the team and what are their roles? 

There are at least 20 people working on this project. Some of them are working in a full time capacity. Others are part time, and some are working for equity. We are spread out all over the world, and have been working together for a few years now. 

What is the price? 

The meta right now might be free mints, but we think that since we have a working product already, .07 is a fair price. In fact, I believe that many gaming companies in the same position would charge much more, but I am a collector myself and I prefer mints for pfp projects to be under .1. 1/1 art and different types of projects are a different story, but I think pfp projects should allow the community to participate in the price discovery process, and I think anywhere under .1 allows for that to happen. 

What is the Mint Size? 

2,500. However, over the next year or so we will be releasing 5 of these 2,500 collections, with different characters that are correlated with different stories in the app, for a total of 15,000. 

Are there any mechanics we should know about?

NFTs will have utility in the game right away. We are also planning to partner with other projects to allow other NFT collections to have utility in the game, or at least show as your avatar. For example, if we were ever lucky enough to partner with Yuga Labs, you could use your ape as an avatar in our game and get powerup bonuses. 

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