OneRare is the world’s first food metaverse, creating the first-ever virtual world for the food and beverage industry. In the Foodverse, players can stake ORARE tokens, claim Ingredient NFTs, combine them to mint Dish Nfts and battle these NFTs to earn rewards at the playground. The Mainnet has launched today, September 7th at 12:00 pm UTC.

Attention Gamers #OneRareMainNet launches 7 Sep on @0xPolygon

Experience the First #NFTGame that celebrates Food & Foodies in Web3!

Stake $ORARE to claim Ingredients & mint Dish NFTs from all over the world.

Get ready, we are going to Foodify the Blockchain!

— OneRare Foodverse (@onerarenft) September 1, 2022

About OneRare

The unique concept of virtual food metaverse was cofounded by Supreet Raju and Gaurav Gupta, who collaborated with iconic restaurants, top chefs, and food brands to develop NFTs of famous dishes. OneRare project was launched in November 2021 with a vision to foodify the blockchain by bringing people and gamers from around the world to the blockchain by speaking about food. 

In the OneRare Gameplay, players have to Farm Ingredients by staking $ORARE tokens to mint Dish NFTs. The company has also collaborated with famous chefs like Saransh Goila, Michelin Star Chef Anthony Sarpong, Zorawar Kalra, and many more to bring their signature recipes to the foodverse.

OneRare Mainnet

The OneRare mainnet launched today on Polygon after successfully running two testnets and audits by Certik, a blockchain monitoring platform. After the launch, players can stake $ORARE tokens and claim ingredients to start the minting of dish NFTs.

The game has 6 thematic staking pools that will allow players to farm ingredient NFTs. They can also trade in-game assets with other players through the Farmer’s Market. 

OneRare metaverse is spread over four areas: a Farm, Farmer’s market, Kitchen, and Playground. Players can participate in multiple games in the Playground and win exciting rewards with read-world utilities. While the ingredient NFTs can be used to claim exclusive dish NFTs. You can also use dish NFT to battle with other players in Foodtruck wars.

Gameplay of OneRare


The farm features 6 thematic pools where players can stake $ORARE tokens to win ingredient NFTs. The more you stake, the more NFTs you will receive, as the harvesting speed depends on the stake in a pool. Each pool released ingredients at a fixed rate every hour. Once you claim, the farm will bless you with random ingredient NFTs from the collection.

Farmer’s market: Farmer’s market

The Farmer’s market allows farmers to list their products and sell ingredients. The in-house marketplace contains two types of shops – Farmer shops and Dish sellers. The dish sellers shop allows owners of OneRare Dish NFTs to list and resell their dishes at the market. Collectors can buy desired ingredients at the Farmer’s market or minted dishes.


The Kitchen features OneRare recipes from which you can know what ingredients you need to collect to claim your favorite dish. In creating a dish, the ingredient NFTs are burned forever and cannot be unminted. Every time a player mints a dish, the next player has to pay more of each ingredient to make the dish. Players can use the Magic Buy feature to buy all missing ingredients at the lowest prices from the farmers.


The Playground will feature some mini-games for the OneRare community. Various games and contests will be hosted where players can earn $ORARE rewards and NFTs. The Foodtruck Wars is a multiplayer competition in which you compete against two other players by pricing your dish and making money.

How to get started with OneRare?

Players need to download the Metamask wallet extension and create an account. Next, you need to connect to Polygon Network and add Matic tokens to the Metamask wallet. After getting $ORARE tokens via Quick Swap or MEXC Global, you can start playing the game at Once you log in, you can view the dashboard, ingredients, dishes, special offers, and sales history. On the farm dashboard, you can stake $ORARE tokens and claim ingredients that are ready to harvest.

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