NFT Culture Daily Drop 7/7/22
@here the market is showing signs of life again. The drops are still a bit sparce. Right now its important to keep an eye out for value.


9:00 AM
0.15 :eth: /5,555

Welcome to Dusktopia, a cyberpunk world-building game featuring three main types of NFTs — lands, properties and avatars.

All NFTs can be staked to yield $DAWN, Dusktopia’s in-game utility token. Players can use $DAWN to claim new classes of assets over time, while upgrading their existing assets.

Strategy is critical to succeed in Dusktopia: while the $DAWN generation rate for different NFTs depends on the rarity of the traits on it, players will have numerous opportunities to acquire NFTs that are synergized and allow them to scale up over time.

Dusktopia is about empire building in the metaverse.

VeVe – Marvel Digital Comics — Thor (2014) #1


10:00 AM
6.99 GEMS /20,000
Total Editions: 20,000
COMMON — Classic Cover: 12,000
UNCOMMON — Vintage Variant: 4,500
RARE — Hero Variant: 2,000
ULTRA RARE — Vibranium Variant: 1,000
SECRET RARE — True Believer Variant: 500

Project Zenogakki

A deadly virus was released into Utopia by an unknown entity, a virus
that was powerful enough to eradicate humanity.

However, there are small traces of humanity left within Utopia and
these remaining humans have taken upon themselves to be responsible
for seeking retribution.

Artificial Intelligence has taken over Utopia. This was the birth of a new
cyber species, The Zeils, that was created by an all-powerful and
merciless AI.

His name was Karth, The Cyber Ruler.

12:00 PM
0.24 :eth: /10,000
Phase 1 [OG/WL]

Phase 2 [Reserve List] 3PM EST

Phase 3 [Public]
0.28E, 10PM EST


Each 9-5 has an office. A place where we all come together to work, cry, and sometimes have panic attacks. The place where you spend your day wondering what the hell you are doing there. So, our revolution needed something to fight that. A place that redefines what an office means and how fun it can be indeed to gather around a vision, a mission meant to redefine all conventional thinking around work and making money.

12:00 PM in 5 hours
0.069 :eth: /5,555

Premint Leaks

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