METAVERSE, AUGUST 4, 2022- Probably Nothing, the leading web3 media brand, and Jeremy Fall today debut their commemorative NFT launch celebrating Nelson Mandela. The drop will release today at with 250 NFTs being made available for purchase.

Vault by CNN—a Probably Nothing collaborator—is also debuting CNN archival footage of Nelson Mandela’s release from prison on February 11, 1990 as an NFT in a drop releasing today at 1:00 P.M. ET at There are 250 NFTs available priced at $100 each, with an $80 discounted offering if you are a current holder of Vault’s “First Collectors Coin.” Holders of both the Jeremy Fall and Vault by CNN NFTs, respectively, will receive exclusive access to future collaborations between Vault by CNN and Probably Nothing.

These NFT drops highlight a positive human rights issue during a period of turbulence. It’s important to remember moments like these where people made sacrifices, fought for what they believed in, and achieved change for the greater good. Mandela was an international symbol of the movement against racial segregation and represented progress and hope for South Africa. It’s important during these challenging times to stay hopeful and remember change can go both ways.

Probably Nothing continues to forge the bridge between web2 and web3 by helping usher in culturally-relevant projects to the space.

“We’re honored to help shine the light on Nelson Mandela’s legacy as well as a historic moment in time that captivated people worldwide and led to upending apartheid in South Africa,” says Aaron Ahmadi, co-founder and COO of Probably Nothing. “Both Probably Nothing and CNN see the importance in this moment and other moments in history, and we’re pleased to offer it as an NFT.”

 Jeremy Fall, creator and co-founder of Probably Nothing adds, “I was born and raised in Los Angeles and came from a mixed ethnic background. I’ve always looked up to leaders in the world from different ethnicities who inspire change and dedicate their lives to fighting for it. Nelson Mandela was the epitome of that.”

Also, Fall shares the following sentiments about his inspiration for this collection. “I feel like this type of vision of the world is something that we need to prioritize now in times like these where everyone is so divided. Our responsibility is to enshrine the past in honor to engage the present with nobility. It’s easy to want to fight for something, but taking action is one of the most difficult things to do, especially when everyone is fighting back against you. I admire Nelson Mandela, his legacy, and his never-ending focus and dedication to leaving the world in a better place. To commemorate 22 years after his release from imprisonment, I took a famous photo of his jail cell in Robben Island and repurposed it to represent the man he was. The bars looking out into a flower garden represent Mandela’s never-ending hope. The shoes represent when he was released and wore a suit, as seen in the iconic CNN footage. The use of blue throughout the piece represents freedom and inspiration. I wanted to incorporate a lot of small symbols and illustrations that represent who Nelson Mandela was and, more importantly, what he wanted the world to be. Web3 helps push boundaries forward and break walls down. It represents creative freedom and the freedom to spread messages by connecting with people worldwide. I’m honored to be a part of this intersection of culture, connecting the dots between the past and the future while pushing the same mission forward.”

Web3 has allowed us to create lasting impressions that live forever and bring people together – including immortalizing our heroes. The convergence of art and technology will enable us to spread our messages beyond the early adopters of Web3 to the masses – and that’s precisely our mission at Probably Nothing: to help onboard these groups.



Probably Nothing’s goal is to educate the world about NFTs and web3 by onboarding as many people into the space as possible – by guiding them on safety and showing them how beautiful the community is.

We are here to help shine the light on projects that are paving the way creatively in a respectful manner to our industry.  Stay tuned for announcements and join us in building this new world that is Probably Nothing.

Probably Nothing is a community for the web3 curious, the lovers of culture, creatives, and jpeg enthusiasts. It’s a hangout where the outliers run the show, a gathering place for everyone who wants to help push this new world forward and be part of our family. Expect special access to giveaways, NFT drops, merch, alpha on our allow list for probably nothing-approved projects, and discord-exclusive stages with your new favorite people. Probably Nothing is a space built for love and respect, where we encourage conversations around mental health and how we can all support one another.

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Vault by CNN: Moments That Changed Us – a new non-fungible token (NFT) blockchain technology offering for CNN users. Vault is a Web3 project by CNN to reflect on the world events we experience together. Collect NFTs of historic-artistic interpretations from digital artists. For 41 years, CNN has gone to extraordinary lengths to document and broadcast the global stories of our time. Now, the network and digital news powerhouse are opening its archives for the first time to offer collectors the opportunity to own a piece of history. Vault by CNN will house a select set of digital collectibles, or ‘Moments,’ from CNN’s television archives, mint them as NFTs using blockchain technology, and sell them at

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