Undead blocks continues its series of tournaments with the MP5 Massacre tournament in partnership with Polkastarter. The tournament is free to enter and there is a $10,000 prize pool to be shared amongst the best performers.

While their previous tournament required participants to hold an Undead Blocks NFT, this one is free to enter, thanks to the partnership with Polkastarter gaming. All you have to do to earn is download the game on wagyu.io, play, and rank within the top 1,000. The tournament’s winner will earn 10,000 ZBUX, equivalent to $1,000 as ZBUX is an off-chain currency, pegged to $0.10.

The tournament starts on July 29 at 10 am EST (2 pm UTC) and ends on July 30 at 10 pm EST (2 am UTC). So better block your calendar if you want to rank high in this competitive tournament. The earned ZBUX will be distributed at the end of the tournament after the results are verified to check that everything is fair.

Tournament prize pool distribution

Watch and stream to earn event

In addition to the tournament, the team will be giving away Gold ZBUX and other prizes to streamers and viewers of their live broadcast with the GodLevel Team. The event begins on July 30th at 5 pm EST (9 pm UTC). If you are a streamer and want to take part in the event, all you need to do is fill in this Google form!

Want to earn while streaming?

We are giving away Gold ZBUX and other prizes to streamers AND viewers on our LIVE broadcast with The GodLevel team at @overworldleague on Saturday!

Event begins: July 30th, 5PM EST (9PM UTC)

Fill out form here : https://t.co/46jkckPZbH (3/3) pic.twitter.com/5ey86Gv9iB

— Undead Blocks (@UndeadBlocks) July 28, 2022

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