A couple of months ago, we introduced you to Metashooter, a play-to-earn hunting game with a player-driven economy. Players can collect weapons, vehicles, land parcels and can even breed dogs in order to make their way in this hunting metaverse. A couple of weeks ago, the team released the first alpha version of the game, so we sent Bruno out in the woods to have another look at the project. Let’s see what he caught during his journey!

In the video, Bruno shows you how to access the alpha, what the gameplay looks like for now, and goes over the tokenomics, NFT collections, team, and the roadmap ahead. Watch his review now!

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00:00 Intro00:10 How to access the Alpha01:45 Gameplay review08:00 Tokenomics and NFTs10:18 Team and Roadmap12:20 Conclusion

To learn more about the game and play the alpha, head over to metashooter.gg. For more detailed information on the game mechanics and game economy, have a look at the whitepaper available here.

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