Stella Fantasy Debuts Gameplay Ahead of August Launch
Ring Games and its first flagship P2E Game STELLA FANTASY show off action combat.


Seoul, Korea – July 5thth 2022 – Developer Ring Games have today released the first-ever gameplay for the upcoming P2E ARPG Stella Fantasy. The game, set to launch in August will see players adventure around the world of Verania with a group of collectible characters uncovering an epic story as they progress.

This comes on the back of Ring Games having successfully raised $5M in a global funding round. Led by Animoca Brands and Planetarium, the investment round also included renowned global venture capitals and guilds such as Defiance Capital, Play Ventures, Double Peak, DWeb3 Capital, GuildFi, Avocado DAO, and PathDAO.

Ring Games was formed in 2019 by the former core developers of the global hit game ‘King’s Raid’, which recorded over 10 million downloads across 150 countries worldwide, and since then the team has been working on the new ‘Premium Character Collectible RPG’ Stella Fantasy which features high-quality action gameplay along with the benefits of a Web3 game.

Stella Fantasy, a ‘Premium P2E Game’ by Ring Games is in its final development stage scheduled for launch in late August this year and will begin releasing more information in the coming weeks.

Key Features:

Epic Story – Adventure through the world of Verania with a band of adventurers. An emotionally charged story will drive players to explore, fight and collect new characters . progressing hrough the main storyline provides materials needed for crafting basic items and naturally drives players toward higher-level content and character growth – leading them to complete “Play-to-Earn” content in an organic way.
Action Combat – High-octane action RPG combat will allow players to vanquish their enemies with their party. Using a combination of unique character abilities and a party compositional ultimate attack ‘Stella Strike’ players’ combat skills will change depending on who is in their party.
Abyss Rifts – Stella Fantasy will support various playstyles offering multiple ways to earn ample profits in both competitive and non-competitive combat content. Everyone in Stella Fantasy will be able to enjoy diversified, multi-verse-like stages through Abyss Rifts and earn various rewards, so players won’t be limited by the traditional linearly-structured RPG experiences.


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