Following a widely reported ticketing fiasco at this year’s Champions League final, the entirety of France has emerged as an ambassador of NFT technology, pledging to use the notoriously tamperproof tech in a number of forthcoming major sporting competitions.

Back in May, a mass counterfeiting operation resulted in chaos in Paris, culminating with the local constabulary attempting to placate an angry mob with a liberal application of tear gas. As a result of this very public shambles, France’s sporting authority has been forced to explore more secure forms of ticketing, with NFTs coming in as the most employable solution.

Going forward, France will host the 2024 Olympic games in Paris, as well as the most important sporting competition on the planet, the Rugby World Cup, in 2023. Therefore, it will look to have its NFT ticketing system up and running for these two high-profile events.

According to reports, this new line of ticketing will exist purely in digital form, while also remaining non-transferable and linked intrinsically to its designated owner. However, as with the magic of NFTs, the sporting authorities can also link additional bonus content to each item, while also existing as a digital keepsake of a momentous occasion. So, keep eyes on France, and expect a few dry runs in the coming months.

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