For one week, The Harvest is offering double rewards to everyone who wins a match in their sci-fi, FPS, MOBA game. The Harvest has been giving out Ability NFTs to match winners for some time. But now, everyone has a chance to win two NFTs a day, just by playing their game — for free!

Unfortunately, there are only a couple of days left now (apologies for the late article!). But on each of those days, you have a chance to win two Ability NFTs for The Harvest. In what they are calling the ‘Golden Week’, The Harvest is handing out double the rewards to all players who win matches this week.

Ability NFT for The Harvest

The Golden Week began on August 22nd and runs until August 26th. For every match won, players receive two Ability NFTs. Ability NFTs cannot be used in game yet. In fact, the actual NFTs won’t even be revealed until October. But, they’re still free — as long as you win!

Joining a match requires registering on the Harvest website, and joining voice chat their Discord. Matchmaking is not yet implemented, so all games are started through Discord first. The Harvest team asks that each player only register for one match per day.

The Harvest plans for an open beta in October. At the same time, the Ability cards will be revealed and players can begin building their game decks.

Also, on August 26th, the team plans to drop a sale for 500 Legendary boxes. Each box contains 40 cards, with 34 rares, 4 epics, 1 legendary, and 1 shiny. The first offering of these boxes sold out in five minutes, so you’ll have to be quick! Watch their Twitter and Discord for details on the sale.

What is The Harvest?

The Harvest gameplay

The Harvest is a MOBA (mutiplayer online battle arena) in development on the Solana blockchain. On a planet once populated by an advanced civilization, exists a powerful substance known as Essence. As with anything of value, conflict arises over who gets access to the Essence!

In The Harvest, players group up in teams and try to gather the most Essence during a match. Essence can be collected from finite sources scattered around the map, by killing other players, and by stealing it from other teams’ bases!

Players also gain experience when gathering Essence, and can level up five times during a match. Each level allows the player to slot in a new Ability and begin using it right away. Players select a ‘deck’ of abilities before the match starts, then choose Abilities from that deck.

In addition to the PvP aspects, The Harvest also have PvE in the form of bosses. Players can fight and kill bosses for extra experience and Essence, though the Bosses become more difficult as the game progresses.

The game is free to play, though those with NFTs will be able to use them for extra, in-game bonuses. Some are passive, some are specific to certain classes.

The Harvest will feature two tokens, $HAR and $EOLD. HAR will be the governance token, and EOL the in-game token. Many mechanics in the game, such as leveling up cards, will require EOL.

Check out our video from Bruno for a gameplay preview.

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