Though they recently launched an alpha version of a game called Machines Arena on Steam, the Civitas team turns back to their primary game, and prepares for their first Character Mint. The mint starts on October 4th and features two Character types, several archetypes, a whitelist mint, and a Dutch auction!

Characters in Civitas are unique, curated, profile picture type NFTs that also exist as fully animated 3d game models. These character NFTs have a role to play in game, while also offering a number of out of game bonuses. These include early game access, airdrops, and the potential for future whitelisting. In-game, players assign Characters to land plots, use them to enhance buildings, or send them out on quests and events.

Character Mint

Zola, the Warrior

This first Character mint for Civitas focuses mostly their newly revealed Character, known as Chosen. Chosen come in five archetypes, though we have only been shown one, Zola the Warrior. Overall, there will be 4800 total characters for sale, including 350 Shaman (the first 50 Shaman were given away in contests).

The sale kicks off with a Dutch auction on October 4th. Mint price starts at 4 ETH. Over the next 48 hours, the price drops. Rapidly at first, but leveling out after a while, before finally settling at 0.3 ETH at the end of this round. Each wallet is limited to minting a maximum of 3 NFTs.

After the Dutch Auction comes the whitelist mint. For anyone who jumped into the Civitas Discord early and received an OG Nomad or Primigenius Discord role, there is a special whitelist sign up page. Those on the whitelist are allowed a single mint at 0.25 ETH. The whitelist sale lasts for 24 hours. The Civitas team is also having other contests for whitelist spots, so follow them on Twitter and join their Discord for opportunities.

Any Character NFTs that remain after that go into a 24 hour public sale at a price point of 0.3 ETH.

It’s unclear if all of the NFTs will be available during the Dutch auction, or if the release of the different archetypes will be staggered in some way. Hopefully we’ll get some more information on that front over the coming weeks.

The Civitas team also plans to hand out random prizes for minters, including a trip to Iceland! You can see the details about those on the official mint page.

What is Civitas?

Civitas gameplay teaser

Civitas is a co-operative, competitive, multiplayer city-building game. Players group together in cities, construct buildings on their plots, harvest goods, engage in an augmented reality experience to find special resources, and work with other players to make their city the biggest and the best!

Players gather resources, construct buildings, craft items on their land plots. They can also experience the world through an augmented reality app on their phone. The AR functionality opens up mini-games and the chance to find unique resources. The game will be free to play, though to participate in the governance and decisions of your city, you will need to own a plot of land.

Each city functions as a mini-DAO, called a subDAo in the Civitas whitepaper, with players voting on various governance options within their city. Though there is no direct PvP in Civitas, there will be leaderboards and competition for bragging rights. Each city has a tower that inhabitants of that city can visit. Inside they will find stats and info about their city, as well as potential quests and other DAO related business.

Civitas features unique PFP NFTs that also function as 3d game avatars. It will also have its own token, called CITI.

Civitas expects to have something to show us by the end of this year (2022).

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