It’s every NFT holder’s worst nightmare; having their asset wallet hacked and losing their NFTs to thieves. Unfortunately for Steven Galanis, the CEO of Cameo, this nightmare became a reality. 

The CEO tweeted on August 7, 2022, that his Apple ID had been hacked. After getting access to his account, the thieves stole his Bored Ape #9012, over $9,000 in $APE tokens, and 3 plots of land in the Otherside metaverse, among others. 

The Lost NFTs

His initial tweet was sent in response to a bot account that tweeted about the NFT, which he bought for $319,500. He later went into details about his loss. 

Just got my Apple ID hacked. So far I’m out my @BoredApeYC, over 9k in $APE, 3 @OthersideMeta plots, 1 Phanta Bear, and 2 @11CaptainsClub NFTs,” his tweet said.

So far, OpeSsea has frozen the NFT asset so it cannot be resold on the platform. In the meantime, Galanis has tagged members of both the Yuga Labs (Bored Ape’s parent company) and OpenSea teams hoping to get the issue resolved. 

Sadly, these sorts of hacks and thefts are not uncommon in the industry and holders of especially valuable assets like Bored Ape NFTs are targeted. Comedian Seth Green, for example, had several Bored Ape NFTs stolen and ended up paying a small fortune to recover them. Oftentimes, these attacks are done through phishing schemes or straight-up hacks, like in Galanis’s case. 

As of writing, Galanis is still trying to resolve the issue and recover his assets. 

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