Boris Brejcha, a top EDM DJ from Berlin with a worldwide audience (1.4M followers on Instagram, just played at Tomorrowland festival to 600,000ppl), is running a Phygital drop tomorrow at the premier of his MetaWorld Experience (Friday 8/5):

Fans can purchase his NFT’s to gain access to his physical live shows and other digital and physical perks.(including a rare unreleased track, concert passes for his global tour, lifetime passes, meet and greet concert passes, rare custom made Rolex watch (only 30 in the world), studio day with Boris and more)
Fans can party with Boris and shop his new collection on right from within the Spatial metaverse. He’ll be there on Friday to meet and greet fans. They’ll also be a digital scavenger hunt to gain a free NFT avatar mask. You can check out the space here.
Anticipating between 50K-100K fans will attend throughout the day on 8/5.

Artatak has designed a unique metaverse in order to exhibit and promote the new Boris Brejcha NFT collection, opening to the public August 5th, 2022.

Hosted on in partnership with metaverse designer Herve Simoes, participants will be connected to Boris’ virtual realm, where they will be able to engage with the artist and other participants, creating an NFT immersive experience.

The virtual event may be viewed and experienced on practically any platform, including virtual reality, augmented reality, mobile and the web. Visitors can buy NFTs or take part in virtual activities or meetings scheduled for the event.

The theme of Boris’ metaverse is an ancient temple deep within the cosmos that generates the melodies and sounds that make up techno divinity. Unlike the golden veal, the majestuous duck sits in the spectacular fountain, the exuberant garden urges you to explore and transcend with


merging onto the scene with the double EP release of “Monster” and “Yellow Kitchen” back in 2006, Boris Brejcha has spent the years since developing his own style of music, coined by himself as ‘High-Tech Minimal’. One of the hardest working artists in the dance music landscape, the man behind the masquerade-style, jester-face mask dropped three EPs – “Vodka & Orange”, “Matrix”, and “EXIT” – and acclaimed album Never Stop Dancing last year. Refusing to take his foot off the gas, the venerated talent kicked off 2022 with his acclaimed single “Up Down Jumper” and a remix of “Astronautin” by fellow German master Stephan Bodzin.

ArtAtak is a one-of-a-kind NFT incubator that provides complete in-house services to assist artists, museums, art galleries, and luxury brands with gaining entry into the NFT market. Made up of a group of professionals with extensive expertise who collaborate to create, develop, promote, sell, and ‘META’ showcase NFT collections, the U.S. startup organized the first NFT event in Paris, Unvirtual Paris, in February of this year.

One of the world’s leading service companies for the customisation and personalization of luxury watches, German watchmaker Blaken has been in operation since 2009, settling in roughly twelve countries worldwide.

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